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The Southern Region

The Horan region axpands on natural platforms in the basaltics mountains south of Damascus. It also extends to the Syrian desert and has been inhabited since the stone age by many peoples of differen cultures.

Great monuments left by Nabateans, Romans, Byzantines and Arabs can be visited such as:

Bosra: This was the Roman capital for the Arabic region and is located in the middle of a fertile valley. There is a huge gate leading into the city with old paved roads. The lively and brilliant colours of the costumes in this city create a charming and amazing contrast with the dark and gloomy colour of the basaltic stone of the temples, palaces, high columns and mosques, dating back to middle ages. In Bosra there is a magnificent amphitheatre, dating back to the second century A.D, that can accommodate up to 15000 spectators.

Shahba: This is the villge that witnessed the birth of Philip, the Arab Emperor, who rebuilt the city in 244 A.D. In Shahba, you can see ruins of a theatre, baths and temples. The local museum contains wonderful mosaic panels and an incredibly lifelike marble sculpture of the head of Philip.

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