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Middle Region

The central part of Syria is covered Al-Cham desert ( Al-Badia) where plains and pasture lands lend an unusual charm to a vast terrain of sand and rock.

Palmyra: Palmyra lies in the heart of the Syrian desert, and is often described as 'the bride of the desert'. Her magnificent remains tell a heroic history during the regin of Queen Zenobia. The 'Oasis of Palmyra' was mentioned in one of the Assyrian tablets of the 20th century B.C. and in the tablets of Mari. Palmyra was an ideal halt for the caravans moving between Iraq and Syria (Syria, Lebanon and Jordan), trading in silk from China to the Mediterranean (The Silk Road).

Krak des Chevaliers: It is one of the most important preserved medieval military castles in the world, and one of the most spectacular. It is 650 m above sea-level. It was built in order to control the so called "Homs Gap", the gateway to Syria.

In ancient times the importance of this strategic corridor was immense. It was of crucial importance to the Crusaders and other foreign invaders in their conquest of the coast. Conflict over the Krak des Chevaliers continued through the ages and Sultan Beybars managed to recover it in 1271.

Apamea: Is located on the right bank of the Orontes. It overlooks the Ghaap plain. It was built by Saluqos Nicator, the first king of the seleucids in Syria in 300 B.C. He named it after his wife Apame. Apamea served as the home to a population of an impressive half a million people . As an Eastern crossroads.

It received many distinguished visitors such as Cleopatra, Septimus Severus and the Emperor Caracalla. Most of the uncovered ruins date back to the Roman and Byzantine era. It is distinguished for its high walls and the main thoroughfare surrounded by columns with twisted fluting. The street is about 2km long and 37 m wide. The ruins of the Roman theatre and colonnade is 145 m long.

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