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Damascus And The Countryside

Damascus, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, is an emerald oasis resting in the shades of Ghuta orchards and quenching its thirst from Barada water.

Damascus is a mixture of glorious heritage and modernity. This city stood proudly against the invaders and resisted the Franks' campaign that failed to destroy its proud nature.

Damascus witnessed many civilizations and co-existed with them, preserving their imprints and monuments. Many poets and travellers praised Damascus and were fascinated by its wonders.

Old damascus is surrounded by a wall and towers, in addition to eight gates, six of which are attributed to ancient times, whilst the other two are Islamic.

The Umayyad Mosque, with its three minarets and columns of the temple of Jupiter the Damascene, stands at the heart of the city, embracing several historical and archaeological monuments.

In the west of the Old City, stands Damascus Ayyubid Citadel, as well as Takieh Sulemanieh with the Military Museum next to the National Museum.

At the top of Qasyun mountain there is the AlArba'een Shrine, where Eve stayed after her son Cain killed his brother Abel, who thus became the first victim in history, as the legend says.

Many Damascus houses, hammams, khans and historical schools, dating back to the successive Islamic periods are scattered inside Old Damascus. Also, Al-Nawfara, the popular cafe.

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